Brooke & Wyatt

Brooke & Wyatt chose such a fun wedding date of 9-10-11.  September starts what I think is the perfect time of year for weddings… fall!  The days are still warm, the air is still, the skies are blue, and the evening air is cool and refreshing.  It was no different for Brooke & Wyatt’s day either.  With rich purple colored gowns and accents of coral and green, the church and reception were decorated with the perfect palette of late summer and the first peek of Autumn.  Tender and funny moments were shared between friends and family throughout the day, and after their I Do’s we shared some quiet moments of just bride and groom in the prettiest afternoon sun.  After the wedding a reception awaited at the warehouse behind Amazement Square which was a great wide open space for many guests!  They all enjoyed some great BBQ and music and dancing til dark!

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